About Other Realms



Other Realms Publishing is the dream of currently unknown author, Carla Conorino…well, little known, since a handful of her closest friends have read her writing.  Oh yeah…and a few English teachers.

Okay…wait…I’m Carla Conorino so why is this in third person?  Right now this is a one man show, so to speak.  And yes, I am putting the “cart before the horse” (cliché, I know).

An idea for a book series came to me way back in 2006.  It all started with a black, winged, red-eyed horse, named Tristan.  The name of the series is Pennatus Equii, which means winged horses in what I am sure is improper Latin.  So for those of you fluent in Latin, I’m sorry…but I can call it whatever I want!  I can also justify any distortions of the language because the series takes place well in the future on a planet other than Earth and as we all know, language does change over time.  Anyway that series ended up on the back burner because it requires so much research and I work full time AND am inherently lazy.

So…I came up with a new series idea in 2013 I think.  First I called it, The Guardians.  But too many things with that name in it already, so I changed it to, The Watchers because there are Watcher angels in it (also known as Guardians or Grigori).  But this year it dawned on me that I want to focus on the female characters since I am of that persuasion, so it is now The Strega Series.  I am currently working on the first book in the series, Hum.  I mention both series because they will be connected and this will be my life’s work.

Other Realms Publishing will become a reality with the publishing of Hum.  As I learn and progress in this business, I eventually hope to publish the works of others as well.  I am very open to any and all advice from those who go before me and constructive criticism as well.  It is my hope that not only will I finally begin to live my dream, but that I will make many more life-long friends along the way.


Excelsior! …Oh wait, that’s taken.  #CarlaCWrites


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