I’m Bout to Go All #JamesFranco Up in This Bitch For Real

James Franco Laughing

I have played it safe all my life…never taking chances…always following the rules of life.  Well, I’m still gonna go to my day job and pay my bills and such, but I realized today, that I have to live now.  And if I want to achieve my dreams, I’m gonna have to be crazy disciplined with both my time and money.  James Franco managed to act full-time and attend college full time.  It’s been said he took as many as 62 credit hours a semester at one point.  While, I doubt it was really that much, I’m still sure he had quite the course load. I admire disciplined people.  People who are disciplined for themselves and not just for those they work for.  This is my Declaration of Future Independence.  When I say live now, I mean stop wasting my life in front of the TV and on FB, but start actually writing, publishing, etc… It’s a long road I know, but I’ll never reach my destination if I don’t start walking.  Hopefully it wont be long before I’m running. It really does all start with that first step.



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