Andy gofundme pic


Please help my friend Andy, who was the victim of a hit and run accident while riding his bicycle (his only mode of transportation).  He is currently in the hospital and needs to go to rehab due to his extreme injures suffered in the accident.  He has no insurance and is currently homeless as well.  He had been working two low paying jobs, but is now unable to walk. He is a kind, caring young man and doesn’t deserve what’s happening to him.  He has no family willing to help him.  His mother died when he was young, and his father lives elsewhere and seems to have no interest in helping Andy.  All he has is his friends and coworkers.

For any authors who donate 50 dollars or more, I will write a review for one of your books and post it on my blog, Twitter, FB, Amazon or anywhere else you would like. And of course I will only post the review if author approved.

Please donate whatever you can and retweet.  Twitter is a huge social network and if everyone could just donate 1 dollar, that would be amazing!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this! Be excellent to each other!

Here’s another link to the gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/friends-for-andy



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