No More Fear

archangel Michael        Carrie had been a loser all of her life.  At least she thought of herself that way.  Always afraid of everything, never taking chances… Her mother had taught her that everyone else was better than her…and she believed it.


            She looked into the eyes of the serial killer.  She was tied down to a long metallic table.  The kind a massage therapist would carry around.  At first she tried to struggle, but realized she was secured too tightly.  He had bound her to the table with rope around her legs and chest, her arms snug at her sides.  Her mouth was sealed tight with duct tape.  A random thought flickered across her mind as she remembered how one of her step-fathers had joked about how duct tape could fix anything.  He had been her favorite step-father until he put his hand down her shirt. 

            She looked at the killer’s face, blue eyes, sharp features, blonde hair, the face of nobility.  The way she always imagined Augustus Caesar would look.  Under almost any other circumstances she would have been ecstatic to have a face like that so intently focused on her.

            “Don’t be afraid,” he said as he placed the side of the knife he was holding against her cheek.  The blade felt cool, good in fact in the hot, stuffy room.  Carrie felt strangely calm, not worried for once in her life.  She had no doubt that death was imminent, but for the first time in her life, felt no fear. 

            The killer hesitated.  Carrie decided that this was new for him, a victim remaining so calm.  The revelation strengthened her resolve and she stared back at him. 

            He stepped forward, but instead of cutting he removed the duct tape in one quick action.  By now Carrie felt so empowered, or perhaps delusional that she didn’t even feel the pain of the tape ripping from her face.  Adrenaline surged through her small body as she said, “Michael is coming for you.”


            “Michael is coming for you.”

            “Michael, who is Michael?”

            Carrie smiled and never spoke again.  She felt nothing when the killer slashed her stomach open and blood streamed over her soft, white skin and onto the floor below.  She continued to smile. 

            Before he removed her second eye, the last thing Carrie saw was the Archangel Michael descending in all his winged glory. 

            She was still smiling when the police found her body.

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