No Rules #Poetry

The following came to brain as I was falling asleep.  It was still in my brain when I woke up, so I decided the universe wanted it written down. It seemed like I poem to me, so that’s what I’m calling it: Dog retching Ears ringing A line of poetry bouncing around in my mind … More No Rules #Poetry

Waxacon 2017

Had an awesome time with my cousin Jackie at Waxacon! Got to meet fellow writers, Steven Brust and Rhonda Eudaly and learned a lot from them!  Here are the pics: Follow Jackie on her FB page, HouseArt and click this link to get to my FB author page! Who could resist that face! 😀  

Realizing a Dream

Here it is! What About Heaven-A Prologue to Hum in book form! I’m feeling so much more motivated to write the book now that I have a physical representation of said book! I’ll be handing these out at Waxacon this weekend…the first major step to realizing my dream!

Waxacon 2017

I will be attending Waxacon along with Jacqueline Mathews from House Art. I will be handing out free copies of the prologue to Hum with cover art created by Jackie. Come by our table and hang out! Check out the event here.

Hum-Chapter 1

            “Wake up you whore!”             Gina opened her eyes.  Her mom was inches from her face shouting, “I work my ass off to give you a place to live and food to eat and you repay me by screwing some boy under my roof with me in the other room?!” Bits of spittle launched … More Hum-Chapter 1

I’m Bout to Go All #JamesFranco Up in This Bitch For Real

I have played it safe all my life…never taking chances…always following the rules of life.  Well, I’m still gonna go to my day job and pay my bills and such, but I realized today, that I have to live now.  And if I want to achieve my dreams, I’m gonna have to be crazy disciplined … More I’m Bout to Go All #JamesFranco Up in This Bitch For Real

Hum Synopsis (First Book in Strega Series)

  Hum is like Supernatural meets The Walking Dead with a touch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. An ordinary teenaged girl from the suburbs is thrown into an apocalyptic world of zombies, shapeshifters and vengeful angels. The only way she can survive is to embrace her true nature. Gina Targoff begins the story having vivid dreams … More Hum Synopsis (First Book in Strega Series)